About the service

The service allows to place stop orders for both sell and buy.
Two types of stop orders are supported:

  • StopLimit
  • Market
  • Trailing stop (under development)

Let’s consider it in more detail by sell examples.

StopLimit. Two prices are specified in it: the trigger price (stop) and the price of placing the order (limit).
We order the exchange "to place a sell order at the limit price when the price reaches the stop level."
IT IS VERY IMPORTANT not to confuse stop and limit! If you enter stop 8,400 and limit 8,500, a sell order at a price 8500 will be placed when the price reaches 8,400, which may never be executed.

Stop Market. Only the trigger price is specified.
We order the exchange "to sell at the market price, quickly and decisively when the price reaches the stop level".

Stop orders can also be bought at the levels breakthrough.
For example, the BTC approaches 10,000 but is held at 9,900, and you want to buy when the price hits 10,000.
Create an order, specify the direction "Buy" and set the price. Once the price reaches this level, your buy order will trigger.

To keep your funds safe, we do not recommend using the API keys with "withdrawals" rights, you need the "trade" right for operation.